A great item to serve at a summer picnic/party! When munching on chips and such, always pair it with a fresh side that supplies vegetables and fruits to make your body feel satisfied earlier! It will help you stop over-munching, and enhances whatever you are eating!

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When I think of summertime these are some of the things that comes to mind:

1. Kids running through the yard and throwing themselves on a wet Slip ‘n Slide.
2. Popsicle juice dripping down little fingers gripping a wooden stick.
3. Loose fitting white dresses that keep you cool in the hot sun.
4. Munching on huge wedges of ice cold watermelon while chillin’ by the pool.

But most of all…

5. Watching the tomato vines in our garden finally blossom and be overrun with juicy heirlooms in a variety of colors and sizes. Rarely are they perfect in shape, but their flavor? Indescribably delicious.

Sure you can buy a plastic tub or jar of pico de gallo at the grocery, but there’s nothing like making it fresh. Big chunks of ripe tomatoes, bite size pieces of red onion, handfuls of chopped cilantro, and zesty lime juice all blended…

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If you have tried switching from supermarket fruits and veggies to FARMERS market fruits and veggies, you know it’s something you can’t take back. Once you make the switch to fresh, locally grown, and unmodified by corporations, the food is sweeter, riper, crunchier, and juicier. However, I have struggled affording food this way as it does come with a higher price tag, especially here in San Diego. I am a huge fan of growing what you can in your own garden! It saves you money, can be done with little space, and it lets you know exactly what goes in what you cook! Even if you live in a small apartment like me, some can be grown in a planter box, or you can even just start with an herb garden!

Open House at Black Sheep Yoga – free yoga!!

An awesome opportunity for my fellow San Diegans to get some free yoga in! The health benefits are incredible, and there is no better post workout feeling of peace of mind than after a yoga sesh!

Balancing Wellness

If you’re free and available Saturday, 8/18, please join us at Black Sheep Yoga for an open house with free yoga, food, music & fun!! I’m teaching at 12 and 3!! Hope to see you there 🙂

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Get to Know: Fooducate

The benefits of the age of the smartphone are numerous in the health world! There are so many apps out there that can help you make better choices, and this one looks great! I will be downloading it myself right about–now!

alexisavvy | healthcare it & consumer health blog

Fooducate is an application that scans the barcode of various grocery items and then tells you the nutritional value and other facts regarding the item. The website claims that there are over 200,000 unique product searches, and you can add additional ones if you come across something not in the database. The application is easy to use, and oftentimes insightful. Perhaps not for those on the grab-and-go, but for those motivated enough to change their diet, this little app can certainly help with making better food choices.

The website is very easy to use and search for products, as seen below:


The application is just as user friendly, with a bar code scanner for searching products on the go. Scanned items automatically go on the history tab and you can easily put items on a shopping list.


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Eat More Seafood

While I don’t eat meat, I occasionally venture back into eating seafood. It is lean, light, and has so many health benefits! I just want to urge everyone to really watch what you eat. You can look online for seafood guides explaining the different levels of danger each fish is in, but this is really a huge issue that needs to be given more attention– we are completing depleting our oceans by overfishing. Once you pick seafood that is in plentiful supply, make sure to avoid any farmed fish!

Get up and GET MOVING . . . Spin yourself mobile!

For those of us with running injuries, arthritis, or who just plain dread the treadmill– biking is an excellent way to get active and moving, while staying easy on your joints!


Do you suffer from what can sometimes be a debilitating illness like Arthritis?  Did you know one of the most important things that you can do for your joints is getting up and moving?  Having a chronic illness, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, I know how important it is to Get up and get moving with movement for joint health.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis more than 8 years ago, a crushing diagnosis that slumped me into a depression state about the future of my body and joints and the association with medication and movement.  Commonly compared to Osteoarthritis due to the symptoms, Rheumatoid Arthritis is far more debilitating.  When I was initially diagnosed I took all the medications because then I thought, “that’s what you are supposed to do” and then after feeling some of the effects from those medications I looked to alternatives.  The most important thing that…

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Guest Post: Turn to Refreshing Coconut Water for Exceptional Health and Wellness Benefits

For those of you who like coconuts, a great article on the amazing benefits of drinking all natural coconut water!

Balancing Wellness

Thanks to Kim Ryans for this guest post! Kim is a freelance writer in the health, fitness and wellness niche and web content provider for Baby Changing Station. Kim enjoys sipping on coconut water while completing her writing assignments. 🙂

A devastating, unrelenting heat wave continues to bake much of the US. It is incredibly important that you stay adequately hydrated during such brutal weather conditions. One way you can stay hydrated and feel incredibly refreshed is by sipping on delicious coconut water. According to the American Society for Nutrition, coconut water is a “superstar for hydration” because of its electrolyte content and a hygienic alternative to plain water. Coconut water is the liquid portion that is found inside young coconuts before they mature. The commercial coconut water you see in grocery stores, drug stores and nutritional stores is pasteurized. Coconut water is all-natural, fat-free, low in calories and…

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