Guest Post: Turn to Refreshing Coconut Water for Exceptional Health and Wellness Benefits

For those of you who like coconuts, a great article on the amazing benefits of drinking all natural coconut water!

Balancing Wellness

Thanks to Kim Ryans for this guest post! Kim is a freelance writer in the health, fitness and wellness niche and web content provider for Baby Changing Station. Kim enjoys sipping on coconut water while completing her writing assignments. 🙂

A devastating, unrelenting heat wave continues to bake much of the US. It is incredibly important that you stay adequately hydrated during such brutal weather conditions. One way you can stay hydrated and feel incredibly refreshed is by sipping on delicious coconut water. According to the American Society for Nutrition, coconut water is a “superstar for hydration” because of its electrolyte content and a hygienic alternative to plain water. Coconut water is the liquid portion that is found inside young coconuts before they mature. The commercial coconut water you see in grocery stores, drug stores and nutritional stores is pasteurized. Coconut water is all-natural, fat-free, low in calories and…

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