A great item to serve at a summer picnic/party! When munching on chips and such, always pair it with a fresh side that supplies vegetables and fruits to make your body feel satisfied earlier! It will help you stop over-munching, and enhances whatever you are eating!

Daily Quick recipe

When I think of summertime these are some of the things that comes to mind:

1. Kids running through the yard and throwing themselves on a wet Slip ‘n Slide.
2. Popsicle juice dripping down little fingers gripping a wooden stick.
3. Loose fitting white dresses that keep you cool in the hot sun.
4. Munching on huge wedges of ice cold watermelon while chillin’ by the pool.

But most of all…

5. Watching the tomato vines in our garden finally blossom and be overrun with juicy heirlooms in a variety of colors and sizes. Rarely are they perfect in shape, but their flavor? Indescribably delicious.

Sure you can buy a plastic tub or jar of pico de gallo at the grocery, but there’s nothing like making it fresh. Big chunks of ripe tomatoes, bite size pieces of red onion, handfuls of chopped cilantro, and zesty lime juice all blended…

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Half The Sky Movement


There is no book I have read as moving as ‘Half the Sky’ by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. And the amazing thing is not the atrocities brought to light in this book, but the sense of optimism that pervades it about bringing justice to women world-wide.