Sites to Check Out!

Here are some links and info on some helpful pages to check out:

1. Food Network Healthy Recipes!

I am a huge believer in home-cooking, it saves you money and it improves your health! There are so many resources for healthy meal and snack ideas out there, but here is one from the food network with lots of great ideas!

2. Get More Fruits and Vegetables!

This site has some great advice on getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet- as well as getting kids involved which I know is a huge obstacle for parents! I truly believe we need to be making at least half of our daily food intake nutritious fruits and vegetables! When possible, always go locally grown!

3. Advice on Growing Your Own Food

This blog has great tips and advice to start your own garden! It’s a great way to go locally grown without the high cost of whole foods type markets.

4. No Meat Athlete

I personally have chose a diet with no animal products, I can’t say it is right for everyone, nor do I think it should ever be forced upon anyone, but if it is something you might be interested in, check out this awesome site made by a fellow no meat runner like me!

5. Center For Science in the Public Interest

This is an awesome group, dedicated to unbiased research, that has lobbied for numerous breakthroughs such as reporting trans fats on nutrition labels. They have a newsletter called nutrition action that I subscribe to that I highly recommend- it comes out 10 times a year, is totally affordable, and has their latest research and articles on the truth behind food and healthy eating!


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