We really need to rethink taking pills as a fix for mental disorders. No, I am not a psychiatrist, however, many people let that stop them from doing their own research. I’m not saying that pills are a no-no 100% of the time, but you MUST do your own reading on what you take! Many have shown absolutely no link to improvement and in fact show stronger connections to increased suicidal thoughts or medical conditions.


orange_medication_bottle_blue_white_pills_1600_wht_1953I’ve previously written about the fact that prescriptions for depression, anxiety and sleeping problems had increased dramatically over the last few years.

I’ve also posted about psychotherapy or talking therapies being as effective as medication (see original post below).

Now there’s more evidence that that is true. See this post “Psychotherapy just as effective at beating the blues”

Original post from August 2012

According to data from the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre more than 43 million prescriptions were dispensed in 2010, a 28% increase from the previous 3 years. Prescriptions for anxiety were also up by 8% and up 3% for sleeping problems.

And things haven’t improved. Last year total prescriptions for anti-depressants alone increased to around 47 million, almost 10% up on the previous year, at a cost of £2 billion.

The NorthWest has the highest use of anti-depressants and sleeping medication. It…

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