Quick and easy meals!



While I always recommend cooking fresh if possible, these are some awesome items that I use as staples when I am busy! Amy’s soups are delicious, packed with vegetables and nutrients, and make you feel extremely satisfied! Whole foods sells packaged foods like this rice pilaf that are delicious grain sides to pair with veggies and a protein dish!

Getting motivated to run!



Sometimes I can’t believe this is the view I get on my daily runs in La Jolla, CA. I can’t tell you how important scenery is when you run! Nothing makes me more discouraged than drab surroundings or worse– indoors on a treadmill. Find somewhere to run that inspires you, and motivates you to keep going! If you’re new to running it really helps take your mind off the pain! It also really helps clear your mind, and can transform running into a meditation, and de-stresser!